Brookehaven Puppies...

The Brookehaven goal, as it is with all reputable breeder exhibitors, is for each and every puppy to be a healthy Corgi of top quality. Proper breed type, a solid and loving temperament, health, and good structure are all of equal importance. 

The purpose of this page is not to sell puppies. However, occasionally there are quality puppies available to approved and loving homes. Brookehaven puppies aren't born on a regular basis nor on any type of schedule. Litters are bred with the goal of obtaining a puppy to keep and to show. A breeding is never undertaken with the sole plan of producing puppies to sell.  


A waiting list is not maintained for future/planned litters nor are deposits taken on planned/unborn/newly born puppies. Available Brookehaven puppies are placed in the most suitable home for their own individual personality rather than in the order an inquiry is received.

Prior to a breeding both the parents of Brookehaven puppies will have OFA and possibly also have PennHip hip clearances in place. They will have had their eyes certified clear of hereditary eye defects by a veterinary ophthalmologist. Finally, both will have been DNA tested for DM and vWD unless their status is already known based upon their parentage. 

Without exception all pet puppies or adults leave for their new homes either already altered or upon a non breeding spay/neuter contract.  With the latter, limited registration AKC papers are supplied after receipt of proof of spaying or neutering. A four year warranty against disabling hereditary defects is offered. A Brookehaven Corgi, either puppy or adult dog, which cannot be retained for any reason must be returned to its breeder.   

Investigate BEFORE You Invest!

All puppies are cute, and once you visit with a litter of Corgi pups you'll quickly find that they're nearly impossible to resist! But the acquisition of a puppy is the start of a very long term commitment so please take the time to investigate before you invest in a new member of your family. 

Along with educating yourself about breed characteristics, temperament and general outlook on life, also be fully aware of the possible health issues existing in Corgis. Always ensure that the Corgi you're considering has parents who each possess hip and eye clearances and also necessary DNA tests, and never be afraid to ask for proof of these health clearances on the parents. Ask  to view the certificates issued by OFA/PennHip, to see the eye clearance forms, and to see copies of all DNA results. 

 If a breeder simply claims "hips are x-rayed" or "eyes have been checked" know that in actuality those statements tell you nothing at all. Unfortunately all breeders are not created equal and some will lie, either blatantly or by the simple omission of all facts, in an effort to sell their puppies. All puppies are cute but not all puppies will have the same chance to be healthy and long lived family members. Walk away from a litter if the appropriate health clearances on both parents aren't in place.  

 Be certain that the breeder of the puppy you're considering will provide you with a written sales contract/purchase agreement. But do watch out for refund or replacement warranties contained in an agreement which would require the return of your puppy or dog. Should your Corgi develop a health problem at 2+ years of age what are the chances you'll want to bring him back to the breeder to "exchange" for a different puppy or dog? At two years of age your Corgi will be - 

or most certainly should be! - a beloved family member and the last thing you'll want to do is return him like an old pair of tennis shoes. Overall, a ''return your current dog for a replacement'' type of warranty/guarantee is a useless one for you as a buyer and owner.  

 If you do nothing else at all before starting your puppy search please take a moment to read the wonderful article "Finding a Pembroke Welsh Corgi" authored by Liz Myhre of Emrys Corgis.
And then once you've finished it you can access the
membership list of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America to help you to find a wonderful breeder in your geographic region. 

 For information about available or upcoming pet puppies you may contact Kathi by e-mail at 

Please send a personal  message when inquiring and provide your general geographic location in it. Canned, mass cc'd or bcc'd messages are unlikely to receive a response. Additionally please use a subject line that mentions Corgis or refers to Corgi puppies so your message receives prompt attention.  If you use a spam filter ensure that it's set to allow a response to be delivered from the above email address.

After inquiring about a Brookehaven puppy you'll be asked to fill out a questionnaire that will be supplied by email. This isn't done in an effort to pry into your personal life but rather to better match a home and lifestyle situation with a puppy possessing the desired  personality and activity levels.

Brookehaven puppies are never shipped via airlines nor sent by land transport 'pet delivery' services to their new families.